We want to make Bitcoin friendly for Humans

We believe in Bitcoin as the asset of the future, that is we we built BAPP, so everyone can enjoy and interact with Bitcoin in a friendly manner.

Today, managing Bitcoin is too complex and unsecure for most people. We saw the alternatives and we though they were missing a core value, Humans.

With a creational module, we want to build the fundaments for the creative humans to build amazing biomes on top of us, we want to build community not own it.

The Humans behind BAPP

Eduardo Cobain

The Super-Human & The Thinker
He lives nowhere being a perpetual traveler. He has being most of his professional (and personal) life a mega software programmer and very complex-problem solver. As a rebel, he is passionate about the financial freedom Bitcoin means for humans in this complicated nowadays world, and he has one dream: Bitcoin mass adoption. His first Bitcoin purchase was in 2013 and since then all his savings have been exchanged to Bitcoin. He has helped dozens of humans to make their bitcoin purchases, open their wallets, change their providers… while he was seeing humans struggling to understand, he got an idea…. created the solution in his mind...then started coding…. and he finished the first version of Bapp. He is the user of every single service Bapp offered and the many more to come that are already in his non-human mind.

Danixa Montero

The Marketer & Networker
She lives in Madrid with her almost husband, her daughter and two dogs. She has been selling technology products and innovation for retail most of her professional life. She expends many hours each day teaching graduate students innovative retail marketing strategies.
Her first Bitcoin investment was in 2017 and the BAPP services she is waiting to see alive are: Wallet, Exchange, Lightning Payments, Inheritance, Escrow (to be paid by her client schools) and Payment Card.

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